Come clean on what Brexit plan means for jobs and wages

Fantastical speeches and wishful thinking is all well and good, but what does this actually mean for British jobs and industry in the coming years? 

The British people deserve to know what the consequences of the Theresa May's priorities could be for them – what does it mean for jobs, wages, the cost of living and the British economy? It's time for the government to come clean on who would pay what price.

A leap in the dark and political platitudes just won't cut it for families trying to budget and plan for the future. When it comes to the day to day impact of the government's Brexit policy on working people, sadly it's still as clear as mud. 

The government cannot cling to the failed policies of the past as a roadmap for what comes next – the politicians and businesses who allowed the growth of zero hours and agency Britain, Tory governments who wouldn't support British steel and British industry, instead hiding behind the EU as a reason not to intervene and those who profited from cheap EU labour while the wages and conditions of skilled workers were undercut are what lead us here in the first place.

The Chancellor's threats to turn Britain into a tax haven this week show Tory ministers are badly out of step with a country that wants greater fairness and not more favours to big business.

We need a government that will properly invest in our workforce, public services, communities and industry and take action against rogue employers exploiting migrant labour through weak employment laws.

The Prime Minister already has many powers at her disposal and can start work today if she is serious about improving people's lives. Theresa May does not have to hide behind two years of discussions with EU countries when she can fully fund our NHS, introduce a proper living wage and give workers in Britain stronger safeguards now

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