Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate to run for the presidency

I first became interested in politics when I was a child, following the glamorous JFK administration in the early 1960s.

I worked in the US between A-levels and university, campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern in his loss to Richard Nixon in 1972.

In all my years following US politics, it is clear that Hilary Clinton is the most qualified candidate to run for the presidency in my lifetime and probably ever.

She’s far more qualified than Barack Obama was in 2008, as he has often said on the stump. She’s more qualified than her husband, Bill, was in 1992: she’s been the first lady of Arkansas, the first lady of the United States, a two-term senator for New York and Secretary of State.  

Clinton knows the job and is a safe, responsible pair of hands who can get cracking on day one. Vitally, she has the right temperament, which we saw in the television debates, when she was clearly so on top of her brief. A cool head is not something that most people would say Donald Trump possesses. Too often, he shoots from the hip.

While Clinton has a vision to fight for equality and defend the underdogs, such as protecting and improving Obamacare, Trump wants to build a wall to block Mexicans and ban Muslims.

I’ve seen first hand that Clinton has a vision for America and how she’s much more fun and amusing than she comes across on a public stage. The first time I campaigned for her was when she stood against Obama in 2008. This time, during parliamentary recesses, I’ve campaigned for her in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Clinton should have been elected president in 2008. This time it is vital that she is elected commander-in-chief for both the United States and the world at large.

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