Clean eating should be a thing of the past

With 2017 around the corner I think we should all leave the term ‘clean eating’ in the past!

For me, Clean Eating insinuates that unless you follow this self-persecuting movement and stop eating what makes you happy then you’re eating ‘dirty’. I believe something so restrictive has the potential to create a negative impact upon people’s eating habits. Being advised to cut out meat, dairy or carbohydrates in favour of a plant based diet all in favour of eating ‘clean’ sounds dull and incredibly boring to me. Eating courgetti instead of spaghetti is about as appealing to me as eating a sponge.

What works for someone with a medically diagnosed food-intolerance doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else and selling these personal regimented diets behind a glamorous Instagram account with glossy hair is very misleading.

Ultimately, I believe eating everything in moderation is key to a healthy and balanced diet and this means not cutting out food groups or depriving yourself of the food that you enjoy. I believe that a little bit of what you fancy makes you happy and ultimately does you good so I’m an advocate of using sustainable, accessible and affordable ingredients, celebrating good old fashioned home-cooking and eating some real food.



‘Milly’s Real Food’ will be released on May 4th 2017, published by Harper Collins.

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