After High Court rules for Jeremy Corbyn, I call on former Shadow Cabinet Ministers to call off their boycott

It is good news that the High Court has given a lesson in respect for democracy and natural justice today to those wanting to undermine Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party.

Of course this was the only decision that the High Court could come too. As Mr Justice Foskett has pointed out, the English language used in the rule on any challenge to an incumbent leader, was so straightforward that any ordinary Party member would get that Jeremy had to be allowed into a leadership contest. 

The chicanery in those sections of Labour Party who don't want to accept Jeremy as leader has embarrassed and shamed many existing party members who rightly put great store by the vote as the cornerstone of not just Labour Party democracy but the entire fabric of British democracy.

I am glad that Chairperson of our National Executive Committee has said he is "delighted" at this result. I am extremely pleased that a multi-millionaire with more money than sense - as this judgement proves - could not impose his will against the wishes of ordinary party members. I hope Michael Foster, gets the message that we won't allow him to subvert our party democracy and he must now be be big enough to apologise to 100,000s who support Jeremy who he sought to disenfranchise through the courts.

He may, as is reported, have donated £400,000 to the Labour Party in the past, but in two days last week we saw 153,000 members joined the  Labour Party - most to support Jeremy Corbyn - and collectively they paid 4.6million into our coffers. A mass party is far better than depending on a multi-millionaire. 

I believe in the sort of democracy where the many trump the few. Frankly, if some don't like our new members they should sling their hook. Jeremy's leadership means that our party is back in the hands of our membership and not an elite clique.

Jeremy Corbyn is right when he says half million Labour Party members must choose our leader and running to the High Court has been a waste of time and resources when Labour should be focussed on holding the Tories to account.

Now this unnecessary court action is out of the way and, because holding the government to account is more important than another leadership contest, I'd like the Shadow Cabinet members who walked off their jobs to call off their boycott and return to their posts. I am happy to personally get involved in talks to get you back your recent jobs. And Owen Smith should now demonstrate he's as radical as he claims and call off this unnecessary - and for him unwinnable - contest. 

We should now all line behind the Red Flag for which Jeremy has been the leading standard bearer and let him lead the charge with Owen as a trusted and able lieutenant by his side against the Tories. We must hold them to account for the Brexit nightmare they have got us into.    

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