Why I'm Backing Jeremy for Labour

Only last September, Jeremy Corbyn won a landslide in Labour’s leadership election, gaining three times the votes of his nearest rival. 

In the time Jeremy has been Party leader, Labour has forced government u-turns and defeats on over twenty issues, including the proposed cuts to tax credits and personal independence payments. 

These were not an accident - they were due to us becoming an effective opposition, breaking from the failed ‘austerity -lite’ line that led to our temporary leadership arguing we should abstain on the Welfare Bill last summer.

We have performed well in by-elections and won all the recent Mayoral contests. In May, our national share of the vote was up. At the 2015 general election we were nearly seven points behind, in May we were a point ahead.

Additionally, the Labour party has continued to grow. With over 600 000 members we are the biggest social democratic party in Europe. It is in stark contrast to the hollowing out of our party we experienced after the Iraq war. 

But despite his democratic mandate from our Party - and the good performances in terms of both electoral tests and forcing the government on the backfoot on a number of issues - sadly some of his parliamentary colleagues have seemed more interested to rid the party of him rather than the country of the Tories. 

Their chosen timing to try and force Jeremy out? Just when the Tories anointed a new Prime Minister who has just appointed the most right wing cabinet in generations, committed to implementing yet more austerity despite the economic shockwaves caused by the EU Referendum result.

It is a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party that will be best placed to take the Tories.

As the Referendum reflected, people’s trust in traditional politicians and political parties has been extremely low in recent years, yet people both like and trust Jeremy. 

Crucially, people know that Jeremy clearly understands that our relationship to the economy, the environment and our political system needs to be radically transformed.

Most importantly people trust him because they know he consistently stands up for the interests of the overwhelming majority of people who don’t benefit from austerity.

People know Jeremy will fight for the growing number of people in poverty and insecure work in Britain, where six million working people are paid less than the living wage and poverty among those in work is at a record high. 

Women support Jeremy because he has spoken out about how austerity, cuts in welfare and the underfunding of public services like the NHS disproportionately impact women and families. 

A good economy that delivers works for everyone does not happen by accident. Under Jeremy’s leadership, we have put back on the political agenda that Britain needs a proper industrial strategy which invests in the industries and technologies of the future. 

This could address our infrastructure needs, for more housing, better rail links, and world class digital infrastructure, and provide quality public services, including the renationalised, properly funded health service the people of Britain deserve. 

Jeremy can win a General Election both because these policies are what the economy and the majority of the country needs, and because people will trust him to deliver his promises.

I am confident that Labour members, affiliates and supporters will again endorse Jeremy this summer. We will be a voice for ordinary people in the post Brexit negotiations. And we can take the fight to the Tories, win the next General Election with a promise for a pathway out of austerity and transform Britain into a fairer, more equal society.


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