An open letter to Awards

Every year there seems to be an ever-growing amount of award categories to consider and enter. Businesses across the country hastily gather information on the previous year to be analysed, scrutinised and judged by a panel of industry experts and, whether you love or hate the season, we can all agree it’s one that has continued to evolve in recent years with new awards, categories and contenders being added every year.

This begs the questions, ‘What is it that makes people so keen to open up their businesses doors and let the proverbial inspector in for a look?’ Here are my top thoughts...

There’s something for everyone

With hundreds of awards ceremonies taking place every year, there is certainly a place for even the most niche of entrants. From catering to conferencing, front of house to back, every subdivision of a business is represented. Awards provide a great standard by which to compare how those across the industry are doing and where your business can improve.

Everyone deserves the chance to celebrate and share their achievements and award ceremonies provide a tangible platform from which to toast a job well done.


What does it do for a business?

I am of the opinion that awards don’t directly drive sales. However, as any good business leader will tell you, reputation does. Award wins provide instant social proof to businesses and asserts them as leaders in their chosen field. Telling someone how wonderful your company is will rarely result in the desired admiration response, a trusted source, organically citing you as a great company will.

Aside from establishing a good reputation, awards provide an often overlooked motivational boost to staff. The majority of us work day in day out with little in the way of encouragement and our efforts can often go unrecognised. Over time this can cause demoralisation and a lack of impetus. Awards quell this lethargy by incentivising employees and showing them that their contributions are valued and appreciated. In a world where the division of labour is growing, it’s a great way to foster a team spirit and shows that each individual contribution, when sewn together, can perform a pretty formidable feat. After all, in the words of the American philosopher William James, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”.

It’s good to make time for introspection

Working in an industry that’s notoriously fast paced and forward thinking, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the here and now while ignoring everything which precedes us. We are of course the sum of our parts and as such, we should place more of an emphasis on self-evaluation.

Writing an award entry gives you the rare opportunity to assess what you’ve achieved, developed and changed in the last year and means you have a better understanding of where you need to be heading. It can be quite revealing to see all your effort laid out in front of you and this wide scope view can offer insights and solutions on a range of previously elusive business issues.

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