Helping children with abusive step-parents

It’s been six months since I launched Sparkly Hearts Foundation, aptly called to reflect the joyful innocence we want to help preserve in children.

As a divorced mother of two, the idea of a new relationship comes with an enormous drawback: what if my kids don’t get along with their step-father? That led me to thinking about those kids who currently live with abusive step-parents - who do they turn to for help? Who can they talk to when the biological parent is oblivious or dismissive?

With this idea in mind and focusing on a particular group of children that is rarely talked about - children with abusive step-parents. I got together with two friends and SHF was created.

Our goal is to give quick and free access to counselling from any device connected to the internet. New technologies make it possible to receive help discreetly and conveniently, and a team of registered psychologists offer their services through an online chat. This takes away the stress and stigma associated with mental health and abuse, and creates an opportunity to chat freely.

Our motto is “One word at a time”, the first word being like the first step - very difficult to make - but it’s the only way to go forward, and we are here to listen and support all along the journey.

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