Forget maths, make history in Bristol West. It's time.

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Bristol West is a special place. The Tories can't win hereBut the Greens can. In fact, Iain Dale has today predicted the Greens will come out on top on June 8. That's my rallying cry on the doorsteps. And it's a message that resonates. Not having to vote tactically is a welcome relief and an unfortunate rarity under a First Past the Post electoral system that regularly ignores the voice of millions of people

The vast majority of people I speak to in Bristol have had enough of the way politics is going in our country. In this time of huge change, we need radical voices on the front line, bringing new thinking and hope for the future into our politics. On June 8, it's a straight choice between Labour or the Greens.

We need a real opposition to this Government’s damaging, counterproductive and downright dangerous agenda, and it’s sadly not coming from a weak and divided Labour Party – it’s coming from the Green Party. And it shows. Greens made gains across the West Country in the local elections while our Bristol West vote surged 37% in the West of England mayoral election. Labour's vote collapsed by 29%

I’m currently your MEP, and I have fought hard for justice and environmental rights in the European Parliament. When I stand up to speak, I’m not tied to vested interests or the party line. As your MP, I am free to speak out for you, for Bristol, and for what I believe in.
Our health service is in crisis. This is down to all the major parties failing to invest properly and wasting time and money on repeated reorganisation. The hidden agenda has always been privatisation. Only the Green Party has not colluded in the dismantling our NHS and we never will. We will fight tooth and nail against the destructive sustainability and transformation plans (STPs), are committed to repealing the Health and Social Care Act and are united in our support for the NHS Reinstatement Bill.
The Green Party has also made the clearest and strongest pledge on the Brexit. Almost 80% of people voted Remain in Bristol West. It is a tragedy that Labour capitulated without even a whimper. The Party hasn't only given the Tories a blank cheque for a hard Brexit. They’ve given them a lift to the bank and helped them cash it in. 
But Brexit is not inevitable. The triggering of Article 50 is not irreversible. And I still believe we are better off as members of the EU. The referendum should be the start, not the end, of the democratic process. That's why Greens will give people the right to have a say on the final Brexit deal in a ratification referendum – with the option to remain in the EU if they so choose. 
From real action on climate change to affordable homes and living rents, from quality, well-paid, low carbon jobs to public ownership of our NHStransport and schools - the Green Party represents a radically different future.
As a groundbreaking city on so many levels, Bristol is seeking a different kind of politics. With the Green Party, this is possible. It is time. By voting for the Greens at the next general election, Bristol could make history.


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