7 reasons why Donald Trump would be worst president in history

Politics is a serious business and Donald Trump has proven himself grotesquely unfit for office through his flippant, offensive, dangerous and simply wrong comments.

Here summarised in 7 tweets is why he would be the worst US President in history

1. Global warming is fictional

2. Climate change is a clandestine Chinese conspiracy to attack America's economy

 Not only does he not believe climate change exists, he believes it is a Chinese conspiracy. This man who is simply unfit to be President wouldn't be capable of managing relations with the Chinese Government.

3. When he advocated overthrowing President Obama


Those are soldiers in nazi uniforms marching in front of the White House, juxtaposed with a giant photo of Trump’s head superimposed on the American flag, alongside the text “WE NEED REAL LEADERSHIP”


4. His flagrantly sexist, misogynist and superficial attitude towards women

Trump came under fire for an "unhinged rant" against a former associate that Hillary Clinton had raised in the first debate. Clinton had brought up his "Miss Piggy" comments about her since she allegedly gained weight. Trump responded by calling her disgusting and mentioning an alleged sex tape that doesn't seem to exist to try and publicly disgrace her. All at 3AM in the morning. 

He also had a problem with Megyn Kelly, posting a quote from one of his followers calling her a "bimbo".


5. His offensive reaction to Ebola

SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING. These are the panic inducing words of a potential commander-in-chief, someone who is supposed to reassure the people and keep things under control.  Oh and by the way - the brave men and women who flew to Ebola stricken regions to help people must "suffer". Yup. In a few months the most powerful world leader could have be someone with an apparent complete lack of basic human empathy or compassion.


6. Racist lies against Muslims

In late 2015 Trump began tweeting and speaking about how he'd witnessed "thousands and thousands" of muslims celebrating on 9/11. Pulitzer prize winning fact checker Politifact.com ruled that Trump's claims defy "basic logic" and there was a conspicuous lack of visual/video evidence. All they found were "a couple of new articles that described rumours that were either debunked or unproven". Trump went on to win their 2015 "Lie of the Year" title, for this claim and other such as his assertion that the Mexican government sends "the bad ones over" the border into the United States. He further said that they sent the "drug dealers, criminals and rapists" over the border. 

7. He's an unintentional IS recruitment machine and prioritises bellicose rhetoric over actual evidence

One of Trump's talking points for a while was Obama administration's choice of language, asserting that it is both a sign of weakness and rooted in a desire by the president to be politically correct. After months of Trump's inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric, Obama slapped him down and explained why his administration made the conscious effort to not use the phrase "Islamic terrorism". The reason being that painting Muslims with a broad brush and associating Islam with terrorism plays directly into the terrorists' hands and helps spread their propaganda that America hates Muslims. 

“Not once has an adviser of mine said, ‘Man, if we really use that phrase, we’re going to turn this whole thing around.’ Not once.” Obama said.

 He also pointed out that Trump's proposals to ban all Muslim immigration was unconstitutional and threatened the very nature of American democracy. He also alluded to the McCarthy era of paranoia about communism.

“We have gone through moments in our history before when we acted out of fear and we came to regret it. We have seen our government mistrust our fellow citizens and it has been a shameful part of our history.

“This was a country founded on religious freedom. We don’t have religious tests here. If we ever abandon those values, we would have betrayed the very things we are trying to protect. I will not let that happen."

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