4 reasons why Donald Trump won the Presidential Election

Having spent most of my life fighting for left wing that causes I believe in, it is hardly surprisingly that my social crowd tends to be, shall we say politely, not fans of the new President of the United States.

Something I hear all too often is that Donald Trump is “an idiot” or “stupid” or “led by others”. For those of us who wish Britain was still in the EU, Ed Miliband was Prime Minister or Hillary had won the Presidential election, believing these statements rather than confronting the cold hard truth, is a recipe for electoral Armageddon.

Donald Trump is a lot of things. Nasty, vain, thin skinned, arrogant, sexist, racist and just plain wrong. Let me tell you an idiot he is not.

He is President-Elect of the United States because he is one of the most instinctive manipulators of the news in modern times. The man was so on message he literally wore his message on his head wherever he went.

The information age has transformed the world as we know forever. You may think this is hyperbole or exaggerations but then consider that last month Facebook received 28 billion hits, 5 billion in the US alone. Its traffic levels make other sites look like roadkill. It is the biggest newspaper in the history of human civilization. Facebook's algorithm means you see news that you agree with reinforcing your bias.

The advent of the smart phone means that people receive a constant onslaught of news 24 hours a day. And Twitter means you can reach millions of people in seconds. Facebook means that news is shared around the world in the hundreds of millions every single day. The data these companies hold on you means that highly targeted adverts can follow you around the internet. 

Much to my utter frustration it’s not people of my politics, who yearn with every fibre of our being for a Labour Government  or 100 more years of Barack Obama, but lunatics like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Beppe Grillo and many many more who are grasping the possibilities of the digital age.

We live in the horribly real and terrifying world of Donald Trump waking up in his 66th story penthouse and deciding he doesn’t like the morning media cycle, so he will just tweet something more interesting. When it’s possible for one person to change the entire agenda of the news media with a single button, Houston we have a very very very serious problem. Beppe Grillo’s digital media outlets in Italy get more daily hits than any mainstream news source.  It sends a chill down my spine.  

The liberal mainstream is in a malaise. With the exception of Barack Obama (who was elected twice) the left is falling so far behind the right.  Our message isn’t as good. Our tactics are outdated. We aren’t communicating with the public. Across almost every major country in the world, the left is failing.  A radical overhaul of our methods is needed.

There is so much to be said on this topic that I have written a 70-page presentation that would bore most of you to tears. Instead I have summarised briefly below the 4 reasons why Donald Trump is the President. If you want the full version please email me at [email protected]


1. The manipulation of Twitter by Donald Trump

In the words of Corey Lewndowski



2. A Clear consistent message that resonates with the electorate on a psychological and emotional level repeated time and time and time again. 


3. Using the internet to create a relationship with the key swing voters driving and depressing turnout


4. Using the internet news better than the left. There are many right wing news outlets. Breitbart dominated the news cycle and was run by one of Donald Trump's closest advisors.


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