Travel Trends

Each year brings with it a host of new trends and innovations in the luxury hotel market and 2016 has been no exception. 


RIP Kids’ Clubs

By the end of 2016, we will find that the traditional Kids Club is over or at the very least retired.  More and more parents are discovering that long haul flights with children just aren’t worth it if it simply means playdoh by the sea. A new and innovative concept of child wellbeing that includes thoughtful, tailor made, authentic and local experiences is being adopted at ultra-luxury properties.


Aragu restaurant and Cru lounge at Velaa Private Island, where the owner's
7-year-old daughter was enlisted to design the luxury kids' club.


Maternity Moons

More and more women in the UK are using their maternity leave to take their new baby on adventures with them around the world. After all, given the choice, who wants to sit around changing nappies and warming milk when you could be lounging poolside? In honour of this growing trend of women taking off for sunnier climes in which to bond with their new baby, more and more hotels have created special offerings designed with just that in mind.


Swipe for Service

Your own personal mobile phone given to you at check in, with one number plugged in – that of your personal butler available to serve 24 hours a day. You can take it to the pool, the beach wherever, your hotline to help is always available with no need to worry about looking up numbers or think about roaming charges. Long available in super luxury properties, these manservant mobiles are being offered at a greater number of mainstream hotels. 


Adults Only Hotels

Previously viewed with a bit of a side-eye, the Adult-Only hotel appeared to veer towards a possibly overly sexed, downmarket audience, now this is changing entirely.  Elegance Personified, Smart, Chic, Adults Only hotels are on bang trend this year. Weary of noisy children (who are not your own) disrupting tranquil moments by the pool, guests are now seeking adults-only enclaves in some of the most luxurious places around the world.



Check in and check out times are a thing of the past. With a growing focus on personalisation, hotels are ditching traditional rules. No longer compelled to sit bleary-eyed, dozing off in a lobby whilst waiting for your room to be ready –flexi-check is here to stay. The big advantage villa rentals or Airbnb have on hotels, where you can arrive at any time, hotels are taking note and stepping up their game. 

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