Files deleted by Labour MP in attempted ‘sabotage’

Sources tell WriteYou that a former member of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet has “intentionally deleted” huge amounts of data from a shared party drive, in an apparent attempt to sabotage the troubled Labour leader.

Rob Marris, Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West and former shadow Treasury Minister, is alleged to have deleted files relating to the upcoming finance bill, following his resignation from the Shadow Cabinet last week.

It is rumoured that the lost files contained all relevant notes and analysis of the upcoming bill, and their deletion hasn’t been well received by senior figures in the Party. Many very senior MPs who think Jeremy Corbyn should resign are said to be furious with Marris. Researchers will spend the weekend trying to reproduce the several months’ worth of work that was deleted, before debate next week.

Despite the growing pressure on Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to resign, it would appear that Marris’ attempt to undermine the leadership has angered those on both sides of the Party. Labour’s inability to mount credible opposition on issues like tax avoidance and pensions will undoubtedly frustrate even those calling for Corbyn’s departure.


Marris has tweeted a response here

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