How to beat currency fluctuations on a cruise

Well it would seem following the Referendum result that we are entering a period where the currency markets are volatile and uncertain and early indications are that the pound is dropping in value.

How long this drop in value will last is hard to say. 

Now on the face of it this will make paying in dollars more expensive.  However if like me you love a great deal then now really is a good time to look at what cruise lines are offering.  Many like Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean are offering free drinks packages. 

My advice is that now is a good time to book these deals as you will not be hit by the rising prices of drinks as the pound falls. Therefore making cruises with free drinks packages even better value.  One of the great benefits of a free drinks package is you can enjoy a drink when you want without the fear of a big bar bill at the end.

Pre-paying gratuities has always been a sore point for many cruise guests but now is a good time to consider using this facility as it may well cost you more doing it on board or individually.  Paying in advance means you know how much you have spent and if necessary you can normally adjust it on board by talking to the purser's desk on many lines.

Another way of making your pound go further is to look for cruise line’s that charges in sterling.  Most cruise line’s charge in US$ but there are a few such as Fred Olsen, and P and O who charge in sterling.  So your prices onboard will be transparent and not affected by currency fluctuations.

With so much included in most cruises now is a good time to book a cruise.

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